Waiting for Retro

I have been waiting for to get free Retro. Does anyone know how long to get it. I apply for it about three weeks ago. I haven’t heard anything from them. I did reapply for it to make sure they got it from me.


@ reidsim - Welcome to the community!

Where are you located? Depending on where you are, it may just take longer for shipping. I think Gary said that the last of the contest RETROs went out last week.

@ reidsim - If your name is in the list of winners, then you should get it soon:


@ reidsim - The cut off date for the free RETRO was December 15th, did you apply before that date?

I think he’s name #1 on the list :slight_smile:

[quote]We would like to congratulate all of those who received the free RETRO Game Console and wish them luck in the contest.

•Reid Simonsen

@ Brett @ reidsim - That would have made sense to look at that list and actually that is the last name we let get a free RETRO. When I get into the office, I will look for the tracking information.

So, this is really odd, we only picked 50 winners and when I created that forum post, I copied and pasted the same list we used for shipping. So I know that without a doubt there were only 50 names on the list because prepared 50 packages ahead of time and that matched our list. However, when I copy and paste the list now in the original forum post there are 51 names and @ reidsim is not on that list of 50 names which still has 50 names on it. And when I look at the game entry request, it was submitted on 01/08/2015, several weeks after the deadline and I posted that 12/22/2014, 2 weeks before the request.

EDIT: And the original post has been modified.

Or maybe @ reidsim is an excellent hacker who was able to get in and modify your post :slight_smile: just kidding but this is really odd like you said.

In that case I bet he will do wonders with RETRO. :slight_smile:

Good idea lol. @ reidsim you know now how to get a free RETRO. All you need is to hack the forum and show us how you did it :wink:

@ Gus - Careful what you ask for, Gus! :wink: