VW Passat 65.2 MPG in UK

I am not the kind of person that posts crap around. However this piece of info i was send, and then confirmed myself to be true appalled me to find out.
We should pass this around to as many people as we can. I doubt we will make headway, but i am optimistic.

VW Passat 78.5 MPG in the Uk


My 2002 Golf TDI gets around 48mpg. 236K miles on it now and still runs like a champ. Best car I’ve ever owned.

Thanks for sharing. Of course, I had to check also. I found this page on the VW site.


Apparently, in parts of the world they have been selling a car since 1999 called the Lupo that gets 94 MPG. They also have a prototype that gets 313 MPG! VW just broke ground on a new motor plant today a few counties south of me. Now you’ve got me curious about which motors they will be making.

I moved more up north near Wisconsin. They dont plow snow as often as they do in Chicago, so i sold my 2002 Jetta TDI. To get a 4x4 truck.
Typically got 52mpg. Best car i ever had, and hated to sell it. Even with the cost of diesel @ 4.25 a gal it still cheaper to fill it up with that then gas.

Happy Subaru Forester diesel owner here, regularly in the 6 to 7 litres/100km (edit) in the city which is only a paltry 33-40mpg (according to websites purporting to convert from l/100km to mpg).

That 313mpg XL1 is a miracle.I didn’t know that. Thanks for sharing!