VS2012, MF4.3 and GHI 4.2

I’ve upgraded to VS2012 on my Windows 8 machine. I’ve installed NetMF 4.3 and I see the Micro Framework project types in my VS2012 IDE, but no GHI project types are available. I have rebooted since installing both SDKs but nothing has improved. Is there any form of KB article or other resources available to help me get this working so I can start a new project using the Gadgeteer motor driver module to control some pneumatics I’m working on? I haven’t even plugged my Spider or Cerbuino Bee in to my dev machine yet and things already don’t look too favourable.

Many thanks,


At the moment you have to use V2010 for Gadgeteer.
You can use VS2012 for plain 4.2 NetMf

Thanks guys. I guess I’ll have to crack fire up my old dev env with has vs2010 and NetMF 4.2 installed. Anyone have the first clue when we’ll be able to use the lastest NetMF with our Gadgeteer devices?