VS2012 Mainboard support

Has anyone run in to this problem with vs2012 (check attached image). The mainboards are not installed. Have run all the latest installers for Gadgeteer etc.

Same error on all mainboards? I would uninstall everything and reinstall, including Microsoft’s Gadgeteer.

Can you click the “details” link to see what it says?

But I agree, I’d uninstall the GHI SDK and the netmf4.3 SDK and reinstall them both, netmf 4.3 SDK followed by GHI SDK

Reinstalled netmf4.3 and GHI Sdk, and Gadgeteer Core. Same error message on all mainboards. The GHI installer installs I installed that first, and then tried to update to the latest Core.

Gadgeteer SDK
GHI Premium NETMF v 4.2 SDK

Attached a screenshot:

Studio was closed while installing. Studio is ENG version, Win7 OS is Swedish.
Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2012
Version 11.0.60315.01 Update 2

same procedure as andre.m asked for but this time version from “Microsoft .NET Gadgeteer Core”

@ andre.m - you are right, designer has the newer interface.

Removed Core version that comes with the GHI installer then reinstalled with .NET Gadgeteer Core 2.43.800. Also updated the firmware to get the deploy working.