VS2010 Express and VS2012 Express on Windows 8

Can someone tell me if I can have both on Win8. Why? I have but cannot load the new 4.3 SDK for VS2012, the loader tells me that I need vs2012, which I have.

your install failure is what I’d focus on. Are you sure you have the right Express version installed (“Windows Desktop”, not “Windows 8”). In answer to your question, you may be able to have them both installed, but you’ll need to install the 4.2 SDK only, as that installs into VS2010 (lets hope it doesn’t get confused in any other way)

Your first statement has me slightly confused, maybe due to my limited question, so I will expand it. VS2010 is working ok on Win 8, VS2012 appears to be installed ok, but the installer for SDK 4.3 is saying that I need VS2012 to install.

Are you saying that I need VS2012 (“Windows Desktop”) version for win8?

I am saying that netmf 4.3 SDK requires VS2012 Express “Windows Desktop”.

@ Brett - Thanks! I’m downloading it now, and removing the other version. I will let you know what the out come is.

@ Brett - All done and working thanks again for the help!