VS C++ Express for RLP?

I’m wanting to learn more about RLP (and dust off my over decade old minimal C experience).

As per directions, I’ve downloaded Yagarto for the compiler and was able to do the basic Getting Started in Wiki.

Can I use Visual Studio C++ Express for developing RLP libraries? My understanding is that I can’t use it for compiling, so my hope is to just use it for the IDE aspect.

If not, what are the free IDE that I can use?


Why not? It’s just a code editor. You can use any C code editor you want as long as you compile (and do final syntax check) in the specified compiler for your mainboard.

Not sure about express, but there is a thread:

I use the open-source Programmers Notepad: http://www.pnotepad.org/

You can add a “Tool” for yagarto: specify “make” as Command and “$(ProjectPath)” as Folder. When you run the tool, Programmers Notepad will capture the output, and you can double click on warnings and errors in the output window to get redirected to the source code.

You can add another “Tool” that copies the ELF file to the Resources folder of you NETMF project… Files can be arranged in “Projects” and “Projects” in “Workspaces”, pretty much like VS.

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@ WouterH - Thanks for the info, hadn’t come across that one.

Thanks for all the responses!

Visual Studio just uses msbuild, so you could make it use anything you wanted to do the compile. I’m sure someone out there has some tips on using msbuild with a gcc toolchain.