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VS 2012 - wrong framework targets in project templates


Hi, this is my first post since my new sweet spider arrived just today.

I installed GHI Premium NETMF v4.2 SDK and .NET MF v4.3, updated firmware and tinybooter and started VS 2012 to create my first solution. But: when I choose a Gadgeteer project template it targets .NET MF v4.2 which according to GHIs documentation is wrong and should be v4.3. I got three entries when I choose the Gadgeteer templates: .NET Gadgeteer Application (NET MF 4.1), second with …(NETMF 4.2) and third simply saying .NET Gadgeteer Application. I choose the latter, the .NET Gadgeteer Application Wizard opens and asks me to choose a mainboard informing me that it will target .NET MF 4.2 (see screenshot).

What is going wrong here?



@ macokieh - Currently 4.2 is the correct target Framework. The 4.3 SDK is installed to get the Gadgeteer designer working on VS2012 but everything is still running on 4.2. So the tooling is 4.3 but you are targeting 4.2.


Thanks for the fast reply. But is this documented somewhere? At least it is somewhat irritating…



Here it is


@ macokieh - It is a pleasure! Oh and welcome to the forums, sorry for not welcoming you earlier, I only just noticed that you are new to the community…


Same here, welcome to the community :slight_smile: