Vote for better way to get bitmaps

We need this for you guys so help by voting please


Voted - Actually this is something I faced, I pass all the textures as byte arrays to RLP then I need to convert the 32 bit pixel data to 16 bit before using it. I guess, the ideal would be to have an additional function that can retrieve the 16 bit data, that way the option to eventual 32 bit displays stays open.

Since GetBitmap already returns 32 bit, it might be better to provide either a new function to get the 16 bit version or an overload that specifies the desired pixel format, something like the desktop supports


Even better would be if there was a Set to the property. Why do I need to create a new bitmap when I’m just modifying the bytes. Miss being able to do that like in full framework.

Yes get access to the bytes (pixels) directly is a good idea. You should suggest it.