Volume deployment - current practices

I am on the verge of producing 100 units of my new board. It has an STM32F405 that won’t come with the boot loader, .NETMF, or, of course, my app. I’d loathe having to install them on each board individually. If my product hits in its target market, the orders will be largish (50 - 100 or more) in nature, but there won’t be many orders if I can’ t fulfill in a reasonable time. I’m a one man operation, so my options are limited. I have seen this:


and eagerly await the comprehensive solution alluded to in the associated codeshare. However, others have produced boards in quantity with the boot loader, .NETMF, and an app installed before this. At the least, GHI has done this. My question is, how? Can anyone share any techniques or utilities that ease the burden?