Voltage of PWM

Is the range of the PWM between 0 and 5 V?

Nope, 0 to 3.3V, IIRC.


IIRC == If I remember correctly.

Everything is 3.3V on FEZ

Quite what do you mean by “range”?

Sorry to be pedantic but:
the PWM sends a stream of 3.3v pulses.
The ratio of time spent at 3.3v compared to 0v is what varies (aka Mark:space ratio).
The PWM isn’t a continuum of voltage, unless you average over a longer time span.

If you want an analogue voltage that (almost) continuously varies then doesn’t the Domino have an DAC?

Yes there is a DAC on domino

@ SatSci, I think he wants to know what the voltages of the low and high voltages, which are 0V and 3.3V.

This may sound silly but I am working through the “Beginners guide to C# and .NET Micro Framework”, page 61 “Analog input & output” addresses this topic.