Voip clients

Hi all,

we have been doing some designs lately with linux boards (in combination with c# / mono) because we needed a embedded voip client.

But i am still wondering if there is anybody that has tried this with the newer ghi boards? Our current design is running on a olinuxino 233, which has no performance problems at all working as a softphone.

A G400 board should be able to have enough power also i think.



I’d be fairly surprised if the codecs could be implemented in software, even on a G400, and operate and acceptable speed.

I have been surprised before, however!

I have looked a little for an easy-to-implement VOIP hardware solution, but I haven’t found anything obvious. Is anyone aware of something like that?

www.voip-info.org has lots of info. I suspect that G400 may have enough [em]raw[/em] compute power, but not in C# code. Maybe in RLP. The SIP protocol could probably be done in C#, but the data streams likely would be a problem. Additionally, even if you decode/encode fast enough, you’ve still have to get the decoded data to an audio output device, which given the other constrains would probably have to be done in RLP as well.

Which OLinuXino board/design are you talking about? Quick scan shows many of the boards are 1Ghz.

You said C# + Mono, are you handling the data stream decoding/encoding & Audio all in that environment? If the answer is yes, and you are using the 454Mhz board, logic says it is doable - because, hypothetically, with Mono sitting on top of Linux, you’ve got additional overhead in that environment, that wouldn’t be present on the G400.

@ Jeff - I believe mono provides a just in time compiler which would make the performance of C# much better than with MF on a similar processor.

[em]even on a G400[/em], i.e. in managed code running on NETMF. I’d be very surprised.

Asterisk is a software solution. I know, I run it. I was, in fact, looking for an easy-to-implement HARDWARE solution, i.e. a “voip chip”. I didn’t find one, but I didn’t look SUPER hard.

Exactly. Managed code on the G400 would run at a fraction of the speed.

Maybe if you get one of these and reverse engineer it.

Maybe they use a chip that can be sourced…



I did, in post #2.

Me either, and mostly because a RasPi running some random softphone would be cheaper, easier, and more powerful than anything I could come up with.

I don’t know what you mean by “babbage” but you should know that I own exactly zero RasPi. What I ended up ACTUALLY doing is using a Polycom SIP phone and setting Asterisk up to cause it to auto-answer (I was looking for an intercom-type setup). I did this because the phone was free from a friend.