VNC works over cellular on SCM20100E, kind of. .

I got VNC to work on my SCM20100E device over cellular, but kinda not.

Using TinyCLR 2.1 Preview 4, adding VNC support was trivial, just a few lines of code. Very easy!

I am using for my cell service. They have an application that allows you to tunnel a local port on your PC, through their network, to an open port on a cellular modem. (cell modem doesn’t have a public IP address.) The connection gets established but because of Hologram’s network delays, it only updates about every 45 to 60 seconds. But it does update and cursor movements and button clicks are sent back.
The bigger issue is that I run out of memory when running my full application. I had to disable MQTT and my Azure connection to free up enough memory to allow it to run.

Not a deal-breaker, it would have been cool to have it work in this application, but it is not a requirement.

Using a SitCore device with the extra 32MB and a more responsive network would solve those issues.

Thanks GHI for the great work!!!

*Memory shown on display is amount of free memory at idle. It drops to about 60,000 when it is sending an updated frame to VNC.