VNC implementation using FW 2.1.3?

Has anyone gotten a VNC server working on the latest preview yet? How much of a pain is it? Source code seems like it isn’t too difficult - as far as I can tell, feed it your graphics object, initialize your Ethernet and then just run the server? am I missing something?

I have tried this but ended up with a black screen when I tried connecting to the VNC. I did the steps you described.

I didnt mess around with it further but decided to wait for official documentation on the VNC. Let me know if you find more success with your approach.

Sounds good. My boss gave me a week to play around with it so I will let you know if i can get it working.

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We have reworked the drivers. You should wait for preview 4. You will like it.


Do you have an estimate on when preview 4 will be out? we’re super interested in this feature as it is significantly better than our homebrew remote control solution.

I’m with @sgtyar95 here! Can’t wait for this VNC!!

Until now we’ve relied on a wonky tcp socket connection that kinda acted like telnet/ssh but having a GUI will be 1000x better.

According to the github milestone it’s due on March 1st, is this a correct estimate @Gus_Issa?

You got it


Hey @Gus_Issa, what’s the word on the official release for P4?

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It was past Monday but got pushed another week, for good reasons :slight_smile:

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