Visual Studio on the PI?

It’s just dawned on me from the Cream documentation; Do you need to install visual studio 2015 on the PI to get the cream working? Can I just use the remote debugger?

Visual Studio is not run on the PI. You can learn about PI development here:

Yes, there is remote debugging.

Yes, you deploy and debug using the Remote Machine option (note that you’ll need to set the compilation target to ARM). You can point to the remote machine using either the name of the Pi2, or the IP address. Make sure that “Use Authentication” is NOT selected.

I’m also finding out the hard way, first-hand, that you definitely want to have the fastest possible SD card for Windows 10 IoT Core on the Pi2. I’ve got one Pi2 using a 64Gb class 10 card, which is reasonablly performant, as well as an 8Gb class 4 card which takes MUCH longer to start up. It works, but the performance difference is very obvious. Just ordered a couple of 16Gb U1 class 10 cards so I can have both Pis on a level playing field.