Visual Studio Code

This looks interesting as a replacement for something like Notepad++


@ marius -

Thanks for the link!

As for 0.1.0, it is a very astonishing piece of software.

Not so great if it doesn’t support COBOL!


I plus-1’d your post because you deserve the duplicated email with your COBOL comment ! :whistle: .

@ Brett -

Thanks for the support. :open_mouth:

BTW - Notepad++ actually does support COBOL. Don’t ask me how I know.

Have you found a Fortran77 plugin yet? :smiley:

The last time I wrote Fortran code was in the early nineties for some updates to an existing system. The weird thing about the job is that there was no math at all. The application was a tracking system written (I’m guessing) by someone who only knew Fortran. It would have been better and easier in COBOL.

BTW - that’s nineteen nineties!

The funny thing is that Visual Fortran (using visual studio) actually existed:

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That barely looks like the Fortran I’ve used. An integer variable had to begin with the letters I through N. Any other beginning letter declared a real number. There were only the two types.

Yeah. I remember! That’s why loops in example code often use the variable i.

It was the first integer variable you could use!

Kids today don’t realize that their "for (i=0; i<x; i++): statements are paying homage to fortran77

But I think “implicit none” turns off those implicit variable name rules.

I started with Fortran IV, I think. My first Fortran programs were in the early seventies with punch cards.

Too bad, they didn’t made this a universal app. It would be great to have VS Code on an old Surface RT!

Just use Visual Studio Online, aka Monaco. That’s the core of Visual Studio Code.

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@ devhammer - I’ll definitely take a look at this. Thank you.

I will be checking visual studio code in the Linux environment. Thanks for the link.