Visual Studio 2017 and G30

I could use a little help around here.
I have installed VS 2017 and g30…vsix but I can not debug the app.
The reason is VS do not see the G30 board.

What I have to do ?
The USB device G30 is installed correctly, I can see it in the device manager.

thx a lot.


@ MHSchmidt - Do you use TinyClr ?
Could you put a picture of what you see in device manager ?

Yes, I want using TinyCLR…

@ MHSchmidt - Have you updated firmware ?

No, how can I do that?
I don’t know the best tool for th update!


Sorry, I have found out that FEZConfig is working on this board.
I will try an update of the Firmware to…



@ MHSchmidt - It can be usefull (see second part as G30 already have bootloader apprently): [url][/url]

Thx for your help.

Now, I have updated G30 to Firmware before.
I try to use the SPI Display this time.

Next step is - installing TinyCLR 0.3.0.

Hi I have got the same problem as you, I have bought G30 and I have got visual_2017. Are you able to work ? Can you describe step by step what needs to be done to run ? Where is FEZ Config ? Thank you in advance.

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@ przemoga -

My Windows 10
C:\Program Files (x86)\GHI Electronics

Welcome to the Fez World.

Since you’re new, please head straight to this link and install exactly what it says there. .NET Micro Framework - GHI Electronics Please don’t deviate from that, you’ll never be sure whether it’s because of a gap in your knowledge, or if it’s because you’re not using the standard, supported setup.

Hi I do not have GHI Electronic directory, did I forget to install something ? I downloaded visual studio 2017 and I installed patch from GHI tinyclr0.3.0.vsix.
When it comes to older version and documentation I am able to work on NETMF I have already did few projects on stm32f4 with vs2015,
But I really interested with newest visual studio and G30 together, that it why I bought this board. Can you help we and tell what should I do to run it ? Did anyone success with this combination ?

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OK, so you’re not a complete newbie, great to hear. My concern is that you’re attempting to use BETA software - that’s not something you should do without serious consideration. Just going to a new VS version isn’t the reason to consider using the beta. is the announcement thread of the third preview. You should follow the detail in the pages that this post links to, to get started.

Hi Brett,
Thanks for the info, in that case maybe I will try version 2013. I will check G30 features and if vs2017 will be stable then I will switch it.

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@ MHSchmidt -

One thing you mentioned is you updated to Firmware This is for .nefmf, you need to update to the TinyCLR Firmware for the G30, the TinyCLR OS firmware is located in the .zip file here. The current firmware for the G30 using TinyCLR 0.3.0 is G30 Firmware 0.3.0

TinyCLR OS 0.3.0 Download:

Ok Gents,
It is working, just for the future below is description How to set everything up.

[em]0.) Have Windows 10[/em]
1.) Buy G30
2.) Install VS2017 community with .NET windows workflow fundation and wcf
3.) Download
4.) Install GHIElectronics.TinyCLR.VisualStudio
5.) Create TinyClr Project
6.) Install GHIElectronics.TinyCLR.Devices by NuGet
7.) Update firmware (TinyCLR OS 0.3.0) by FEZ Config or TeraTerm
8.) Check in Project properties whether device is visible as usb G30_G30
9.) Play with G30

Best regards,

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@ przemoga - Did you find that Windows Workflow Foundation and WCF were required for it to work?

It is just required to see project properties as a windows (TinyOS tab), in other case you will see notification that page was not able to load or something like this.

@ przemoga - Thanks