Visual Studio 2015 design view

Is there a visual design view for the xaml files in VS2015?

I see references to using this in the various samples on the web but I can’t find out how to bring this up. All I have is a text view.

I’ve run Blend for VS but nothing in their either.

@ Dave McLaughlin - Are you running on Windows 10, by chance? If I recall correctly, the designer stuff isn’t always in sync with the insider preview builds, so if the preview build doesn’t match the tools release for VS, the designer stuff won’t work.

That will all shake out eventually…perils of preview software.

I don’t have that button on my VS installation when I open the xaml file.

I built a Windows 10 Preview machine the other day when I updated my Home Automation computer from 8.1 but I have installed VS2015 Community 2015 RC onto my Windows 7 machine so I suspect that may be the issue.

PS… I have to say, I do like Windows 10. Much nicer than 8.x for sure.

Easier to type than devhammer ? :slight_smile: .

oops, sorry. Don’t know why I put your name in there.

Edited to correct my mistake :slight_smile:

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I just found this on StackOverflow and it is indeed because I am developing on Windows 7

[quote]If you are building a Universal Windows 10 application with Visual Studio 2015 running on Windows 8.1 - something that we have enabled for the first time without requiring your to upgrade your OS, you will not be offered the XAML designer option - we will only allow you to edit XAML using the editor and IntelliSense. Similarly, you will not be allowed to test the application locally or using the Simulator (since it is a Windows 10 application and cannot run on your machine). Everything else should work fine, but for the best experience possible, consider upgrading to Windows 10.

This will be sorted once I upgrade to Windows 10 when the official release is out. I don’t want to update this machine to Windows 10 just yet.

I wondered the same thing, and then wondered whether there was a forum bug in quoting. :slight_smile: