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Visual Studio 2012 Support?


Does anyone have any updated information on if Visual Studio 2012 is supported for MF 4.2, or if there is any way to work?

I would like to not have to keep using an old machine that I haven’t brought up to Windows 8 + VS 2012, but ideally I’d like to avoid needing to use that.


This should help


So why did they release 4.3? Was it just to support VS2012?


Hello I’m new to .NETMF. 4.3 and I’m running VS2012 on Win8.

I just purchased from GHI their FEZ Spider kit. On several post and docs I see a VS template called Gadgeteer that allows you to visually design a project.

Is that part of 4.3 or 4.3? If 4.2 it doesn’t install on Win 8.

Basically my question is , is there any documentation with step by step instructions on how to get things working? Like how do I update the firmware, deploy and etc…

Thank you for your time,



Welcome to the forum.

At the present time, 4.3 support is not available for GHI products. It is possible to get 4.2 running under VS 2010.

I believe that MS has not release a version of the Gadgeteer core for 4.2 yet.

There have been several posting about how to get the GHI 4.2 stuff running under VS 2012.


… and 4.2 works FINE on Win8/VS2010


Ok thank you for your help.