Virus detected on NETMF and Gadgeteer Package 2013 R3

I am getting a “Failed - Virus Detected” error from AVG when I download “NETMF and Gadgeteer Package 2013”. On the other hand, I did not have any issue with downloading release R2 . Can you verify that R3 is virus-free.

What kind of virus does it say?

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AVG runs on my desk @ GHI. During testing and when final release finally came, I downloaded the SDK more times than I can count. I had no problems.
[ul]What version of AVG are you running?
Are your virus definitions/database up-to-date?
Are you telling AVG to put the file(s) in it’s Virus Vault? If so, what does it put there?[/ul]

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What size is the file you download?

I had a rogue plugin recently what would actually be downloading another file and my AVG picked this up.

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@ agucciardi - the MD5 hash for the package is published here:

Windows command line, has a utility to verify MD5:
see also:

not sure if your version of windows supports this or not (?)

If you find the Hashes don’t match, please let us know!

If you don’t know about MD5 or need instructions for FCIV (microsoft’s utility), google or bing for either of those acronyms

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Thank you for the quick replies. I am running AVG 2011 v. 10.0.1432 with the latest virus definitions. The file is automatically deleted and I am unable to view the virus name. I decided to download the file from a different device which is not running AVG. Then I scanned the downloaded file on the PC which runs AVG. This time AVG did not detect the virus. The downloaded zip file size is 125 MB (131,320,476 bytes). I calculated the MD5 hash value with FCIV, and it matches the value posted on your page. I think the file is virus-free, but I suspect there is an issue with the online feature within AVG. Any other thoughts?