Virtual Serial Ports

Picking the collective brains of this forum.

I am looking for a virtual serial port to Ethernet software to run in a PC that can be used to create a connection to another PC but with a physical serial port. Need to support more than 1 serial port.

The first PC has 1-3 virtual ports that the GUI connects to, that are connected via TCP to another PC out on the interweb which has 3 real serial ports.

This is just for testing as the final installation will be via real RS232 ports. I am based in Indonesia and the control system I want to communicate with is based in the UK.

We used to use the Wiznet 110SR for a single RS232 connection but it gets expensive when we need 3 ports for testing and also time to get the Wiznet delivered. A software solution would be ideal.

Any pointers?

You could possibly create your own software to do that using Node Red.

Needs to be PC based as the GUI software is running on a PC. Looking for off the shelf as I have enough time being put into the GUI without adding more coding to the mix.

is not free also software based

but seems maybe job do also com0com open source


There are more on github (just search “serial over IP”) but how about jzhan357/SerialIP: Expose a serial port over IP ( or if USB (e.g. FTDI) how about GitHub - cezanne/usbip-win: USB/IP for Windows

I finally found a Wiz145SR-EVB in country that has 4 serial ports and not expensive that will avoid having to solder anything up or mess around with software configuration. Nice idea as it was.

All my gear is packed and ready for the move overseas but got delayed due to covid infection (mild symptoms and on the way to recovery) so a ready made solution will work for this. We used a Wiz110SR single RS232 in the past and it worked reliably.

Amazing to watch LED’s toggling on a video camera setup at the other end when we move the controls at this end. We are developing an ROV control system upgrade for an older system and we use RS232 over fiber optic link on the ROV umbilical, hence the need for RS232 to Ethernet for testing as the other developer is in Scotland and I am in Indonesia.