Virtual Serial Port - can't install driver on WinSys7

Trying to get the virtual serial port installed using mbedWinSerial_16466 driver following the instructions on this page Windows serial configuration - Handbook | Mbed

Windows System 7 laptop (thinkpad). When I run the installer it tells me no mbed platform is installed. I have the mBuino attached and can see the flash drive. Do I have to wait for the official release of the mBuino as a mbed platform for the driver to install?


Try to run the code that actually instantiate the serial class. Only then a virtual COM port will appear in the device manager.

I still can’t install the virtual serial port driver. I have the mBuino plugged in. I have tried it with a running example of virtual serial communications and I have tried it with the mBuino attached as a usb storage device.

The installer is give me the same message that it can’t find a mbed device.


Try to follow instruction from this page (about the inf file):

Also check this thread:
around msg #22

Architect thanks. I did get it to work. I downloaded the file mentioned on this page USBSerial - Handbook | Mbed

I unzipped the file and names it serial.inf. From the control panel I updated the driver and it changed the device to be named

Mbed Virtual Serial Port (COM3)

I can now write to the serial port from programs. I’m still a little confused because the PCserial and USBserial example programs both work. I’m not complaining, I guess I have choices. Just thought one of those were for alternate pin-outs.

But happy now. I can start to write more serious programs. Thanks again.


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@ DaddyOh - Looking forward to hear more about your programs ;D