Virtual Dot Net Conf

Hi All, maybe there is a real surprise from Scott Hanselman and Miguel de Icaza as can be read in the attached email I got …


Thanks for the heads up!

@ All - You might want to check out the following GitHub - jamesmontemagno/Hanselman.Forms: The most awesome Hanselman app for more details


GitHub - xamarin/Monkey.BluetoothLE: BluetoothLE abstraction for use with Xamarin projects, including Xamarin.Forms. for some more towards NetMf …

@ PiWi - Xamarin is definitely looking to be all things to all platforms. They’re doing some amazing things…

It is much too expensive to be interesting to me, though.

That’s true true !!

30% off Xamarin for bizspark members. …and bizspark is free…

It’s a subscription. I don’t “subscribe” to my software. The company I work for does, which is all well and good, but for my personal home use, it’s sorta against my beliefs.

I don’t do in-app purchases either.

What’s the alternative?

Deny yourself any and all software that uses those models?

Xamarin is worth it, IMHO.

MSDN is a subscription, and it is also worth it, IMHO.

Try Vs2015 Community Edition,

there are more from Xamarin (incl. Xamarin.Forms) .

I have not tested. But for beginning and learning it seems ok.

godefroi, do you live in SLC?

The alternative is (possibly) Apache Cordova. Not an ideal alternative, but for some things it’s sufficient.

My employer covers my MSDN subscription. If they didn’t, I just wouldn’t have it. Especially now that the Community Edition of Visual Studio exists, it’s somewhat less important.

Not in SLC itself, but In the valley, yes.