Virtual Breadboard software?

I just found this free virtual breadboard software. It’s cool but it’s seems a little rough still.

Does anyone know of any other similar products? Free or paid is ok.



@ wbsimms - Are you looking for something that will let you simulate circuits? Or just document what you’re building in the real world? If the latter, you might want to check out Fritzing (Welcome to Fritzing).

I think @ Architect had done some work back in the day to create Fritzing parts for some of GHI’s older boards, but there aren’t any (to my knowledge) for the Gadgeteer-based offerings.

… something to simulate circuits.

@ wbsimms - OK, then. Fritzing probably not the right solution, then. :slight_smile:

As I’m not very knowledgeable on this kind of simulation software, I’ll leave the recommendations to others. Man’s gotta know his limits…

I found this:

The price isn’t too bad. But I was hoping for something more of a breadboard feel with parts for classes.

LTSpice ?

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This is great! Thanks!