Vin on component shield direction

I have the component shield on a FEZ domino. Is the Vin header used to get power FROM the 7-12V DC barrel jack connection, or can you use it instead of the barrel jack (power the FEZ with 7-12VDC from the Vin on the component shield). I don’t want to use the barrel jack because of space and have devices other than the FEZ getting powered from the same input source.

You can use vin to get power or to supply power

OK. Will the shield safely handle drawing ~1A at 7.5VDC at the Vin header with prime power coming from the DC barrel jack?

It should be okay at 1A but if you are concerned about high current or the noise cause by motors if you are connecting any then it is a good practice to keep a separate power.

Most motors indeed cause a lot of noise. You can either connect a hardware filter (if you have it embedded and just 1 power supply) or just use a 2nd power supply.

I always separate electronics and motors.

I’m running a separate 5VDC power supply off of the 7.5V prime that shouldn’t draw more than 800mA. I just wanted to be able to have 1 input so everything would have a common return for noise rejection purposes and to make my life easier. Thanks for the replies.