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Vimeo Embedding


Could we get embedding for vimeo on the forum and the wiki? I’ve never been a fan of putting videos up on youtube they are just so low quality. Uploading 5mbit h.264 at only 1024x576 looks truely awful. 4mbit 1920x1080 on vimeo is the same as the original. Youtube also downsampled my stereo audio to low quality mono.

It would make it much easier to see what people are doing in videos than youtube.


I believe that the reason there is only youtube, is the fact that almost everyone uses it, including the GHI crew.

Nevertheless I would like to check out vimeo too. I am being unsatisfied with youtube too lately.



Eventually I will get around to adding a button for video tags. The tags are:



thank you Josh! :clap: :dance:


Ah excellent, what about the second part of my query - in the wiki? That just uses “videoflash” which takes a vimeo id.

A video button on the forums would be most welcome though.