Viewing my beaglebone black with a keyboard and monitor

I am running into an issue with viewing my beaglebone black with a monitor, connected with an HDMI cable. After I flash my bbb with an image on an SD card to restore it to factory defaults, I am able to view the graphical UI, from which I can execute Debian-Linux commands using the QTerminal. However, after I run ssh commands and reboot the bbb in ssh (I’m connected to a monitor as well as a separate computer through USB) the monitor goes blank during the reboot phase and won’t return after the bbb is running again. Instead, the only thing shown on the monitor is a cursor blinking in the top left corner, and the mouse and keyboard I have connected to the bbb have no affect on the monitor. Is there a driver or switch of some sort I need to re-enable in order to view my bbb using a monitor? If so, where can I find the files necessary to fix this, and how can I re-enable monitor access to my bbb? If the ssh commands I’m executing are important for answering this question, I can show all of them, but they are relatively basic commands, such as apt-get update, apt-get upgrade, and various dependency installs for bluetooth, etc.

@ chenselman -

Try different commands to reboot. There are few commands with option that can be used as reboot.