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I have a couple of forum suggestions. Would be nice if the mouseover on a forum thread displayed the first message, that way one can quickly decide whether or not they want to delve into the topic. Also its a bit annoying that any time you click on a thread it takes you to the last page of the thread even though you may not have read even the first message.

Maybe to expand on the last part of your suggestion, if you have never viewed the thread it will send you to the first message but then every subsequent view of it it takes you to either the latest post or to the next post next to the last post that was available when you first viewed it and even to each subsequent time you view the same topic it will take you back to where you left off.

Off the top of my head.

Topic List
Clicking a topic should take you to the first message always. If there is an unread icon on the topic you can click that to go to the last message.

Unread List
Unread did in the past take you to the first message and icon to the last but there were requests to change this.

I was actually referring when you use the unread messages, If I never saw the first thread but clicked on an unread message that maybe had say 25 posts, it will take me to the 25th post instead of the first. Perhaps that is what rocketbob meant too?

Hi Aron, yes we’re on the same page.

take me to the last message of this thread that I have read. Not the first message or the last message in the thread, but the one I need to start from.


Yes this is how it should be. This has been bugging me for a while, especially when there are multiple pages.