Videos on NETMF

I stumbled upon the Microsoft Tech-Ed website which has videos of the presentations given at various Tech-Ed events worldwide. I did a search for ‘micro framework’ and got seven hits and just finished up with the first one by Rob Miles. The Tech-Ed site is here: . Type ‘micro framework’ in the search box (upper right) and Bob’s you uncle.

Keep in mind that the video maybe outdated. Some still talk about VS2005!
Most devices you see there are discontinued plus this was before GHI signed up the partnership with Microsoft or before GHI had release all these unique products, like EMX and USBizi.

The videos are still good for an overview

Yes, some of them were from the NETMF 2.0 era but are still interesting. I kind of like Rob Miles strange sense of humor too. I also found that he has some content concerning NETMF and GHI/FEZ on his site: .

Yes we like Rob and always work with him whenever possible