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Videos anyone?


We keep seeing more and more exciting videos! So, I am thinking what if we have a contest for the best video? Maybe $300 for first place, $200 for seconds and $100 for third? Plus some good chunk of experience points bonus? How much time is needed? 4 weeks or more?

What do you guys think?


4 weeks should be enough.
I love the idea 8)

Wooooooooooooooooooooooooo CONTEST :dance: :dance:


4 weeks is good.
Are we talking about something like a FEZ promo video?


You might wanna be more specific for on what kidn of videos exactly, but yeah, I like this idea :slight_smile:


A video that is so awesome, anyone watching it would want to get a FEZ! Show how easy it is, how useful it is, how does it compare to your previous experiences before FEZ existed…etc.


A promotion video ;D
just like the $500 contest. I say let’s do it ;D

One question left: hoe many videos are allowed to submit per person? 2 ? 1?


How about unlimited? :o


Are you kidding? :o


I vote for an as-unregulated-as-possible contest. See what users come up with…


Yeah that was the idea. You are making a video to show how awesome FEZ is…the rest is up to you…let me discuss with guys here.

I would say keep it short and exciting…less talk and more visual


I’ll make a video of RWAR later. Just as soon as a figure out the ESC driver issues ::slight_smile:


[quote]I would say keep it short and exciting…less talk and more visual

How about two minutes short?
The promotion videos or TV commercial is only 30 seconds long, and the intermission between the TV movies is two minutes long!
And it is good length to produce within four weeks.

Just a thought.


I’m in. My FEZTank wants a piece of the action.


RJ: If you want, you might even post in the projects forum about it, too :wink:


A FEZ tank? Show me! ;D


show me? isnt that a video??


So when does the clock start and where do you want them posted.


Since this seems to be a spot for FEZ videos, I decided to post mine here:


nice one Chris…take it outside and make it go fast…like it meant to :slight_smile:

Why color are all gone?!


Yeah, I hesitant to take it outside until I get some tupperware to put the control electronics in.

As for the color, nobody really knows what’s up with that. ::slight_smile: I need a new camera.