VideoOut with a Projector

I don’t think I’ve ever seen it demonstrated, but in case anyone has been wondering the VideoOut module works just fine with a VGA projector.

I’m getting ready to do an “Intro to Gadgeteerin’” presentation this week and it’s a lot easier to bring the Hydracade control panel + projector than it would be to bring the whole thing. PacMan on a 100" screen, anyone? :smiley:

BTW, if you’ll be in the Chattanooga, TN area on Tue please stop by!

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@ ianlee74 - Nice!

Seeing this reminded me that at some point you were having an issue with the VideoOut module showing some intermittent flicker on the monitor, did you ever get to the bottom of that? And if not, do you see the flicker on the projector as well? I am just curious.

Yep, the flicker still exists even on the projector. I’ve tried a different VideoOut module and I believe I tried a different Hydra as well. I’m surprised it didn’t get caught in that video snippet as it usually happens every 5-10 seconds. Very annoying but no one else seems to be able to duplicate it :frowning:

Yep. That’s pretty much the only way I’ve ever used the Video Out module, since I’ve mostly used it in presentations. Fun to show off Gadgeteer UI on a 4.3" screen, then switch to a VGA output on a projector.

Regarding the flicker. Try the fix at the bottom of the page:

You got me all excited this morning. Unfortunately, that didn’t fix it :frowning: