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Video – waspmote gases sensor board

Libelium has launched a new video showing the capabilities of the Gases Sensor Board for their Waspmote platform.

The platform use ATmega1281 and Xbee .It cost near 130 € and the gas sensor board cost 115 €.
Very expensive. Does the next Gen FEZ can support a Xbee connector on Fez board?


oops, double post…


Those are cool sensors. They need an “actress” with a little more pizzazz, though. Sounds like she could almost be a computer generated voice. For “professional” remote environmental/industrial sensing, those prices are actually quite reasonable. Definitely a lot just to tinker with, though.

There is a 3-pin eblock for Xbee, and I’m sure a gadgeteer xbee module is in the works. I highly doubt it would be something directly added to a FEZ, at least by GHI. No reason you couldn’t make a FezBee :wink:


Careful with the link… the video worked fine, but I clicked “About Us” on the site and crazy malware crap started happening. I think that’s bad link #2 for you, Tzu. Starting to make me a bit suspicious about your motivation for posting here.

Conspiracy Theorist


save you the trouble then : :slight_smile:


@ ransomhall

There are many malwares in many webs, you always don’t know where they hide.
I am a researcher. I am not in any company or malware spreader.
I Just want to share some interesting things here.
It is offended that you question my motivation.
I will not share any news or something here.



Don’t be offended. Eric is a nice guy and I am sure it was just a joke. He even signed as a Conspiracy Theorist at the end of his post.

So if you’ll find something interesting please do share.



Tzu -

As Architect said, please don’t take me seriously. The web is what it is… a lot of crap with occasional nuggets of goodness. I deal with the former by making light of it.

I enjoyed the video. I have a professional background in environmental sensing, and can imagine many uses for such a device.

Architect - thanks for the “mediation”.