Video Out module

How do I connect the module, were do I find the details.

I connected the R,G,B

But not sure where to connect the last connector

You can connect it to any X or Y socket.

Hi @ ianlee74
I have a G120

Not sure what X & Y are

And it is not clear how to set the DIP switch for the VGA O/P

Oh, sorry. X & Y are the Gadgeteer GPIO sockets. You can see the pinout here. You can just map appropriately to the pins on the G120.

I’ve never really read the directions for that DIP switch until now and I agree that it is not at all clear what to do. I’ve only used mine with VGA and that worked by default so I never had any reason to change it.

@ GHI - Would you please clarify on this page what the proper DIP switch settings look like?

@ ianlee74 - I’ve clarified the switches in the document. When you set a switch to the on side, it enables that output.

Thanks. That makes sense. Unfortunately, your picture of the switches on that page shows both in the on position which makes it not intuitive what was supposed to be done before.

@ ianlee74 - I’ve updated the wording some to reflect the picture.

@ John

Can you give example code for .NET project
I do not use Gadgeteer

@ microt - As the module is a Gadgeteer module, we do not have any tutorials for using it in plain NETMF. That said, the driver should be a fairly straight forward port.