Video of the new LED7R Module

I can think of many cool uses for this simple LED module.
It is found here

I like that one a lot.
I am also making something similar but with built-in encoder. So it will be a Gadgeteer version of this one:

Gus, you guys are killing my wallet, and threatening to consume all my free time.

IOW, good work…keep it up!

I like the module. It’s simple, it looks nice and it is (of course) easy to use.
Cool hardware design too!

I think this kind of module that would be cool if it is Daisy chain-able

+1 DaisyLink

Would make a really snazzy control panel for some project.

I agree.I am still in the process of getting all the needed parts and I wanted to do daisy link module, so that would be a good exercise.

I am going to use two of these it to make a “Gadge-A-Sketch”. ;D