Video Interview covering .NET Gadgeteer, see all the cool stuff at MADExpo

Make sure you come join us at MADExpo next year and bring your own demos as well

This video is an interview with Pete Brown about .NET Gadgeteer and has Architect in it showing off packman :wink:


Love all the cameos. :slight_smile:

Andrew - you need more face time next time :slight_smile:

Pete - you are a natural. Well done.

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Not to worry, Eric. I had my own interview with Dave on T&F a while back:

I’m not starved for attention. :wink:

@ devhammer - there are no LEDs in your interview LOL Just kidding.

What can I say, it was pre-Gadgeteer, and I’m not smart enough to make blinkies without Gadgeteer. :smiley:

Awesome!!! Can’t wait for the next MADExpo!

Nice job guys!

Sweet! Thanks for posting this. I’ll definitely check it out.

Also, here’s a snap from today’s NETMF session at vslive


Here’s the…umm…round of applause I tricked everyone into :wink:

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Pete is the master for sure.