Video Editing Software

Another way off topic post… Any suggestions on good fast video editing software? I’ve been using Pinnacle Studio v12 - v16 and I can struggle through video here and there and get good results but it’s incredibly slow. I need to edit a lot of video and this is just not going to cut it… I’ll be upgrading the PC also but I’m wondering how much of my problem is the software. I’m open to all suggestions for speeding this process up. Thanks!

Try lightworks, it’s free.

Well, I just tried installing and giving it a try but it looks like it may be a no-starter unless someone can convince me it’s worth upgrading to the Pro package for $60. The free version can’t read the video file type that my camera creates. :frowning:

Surprised to hear you’re having issues with Pinnacle, I use it all the time. Granted it took awhile to get the hang of it but once passed the learning curve I found it works quite well. Then again, my home desktop is a custom built beast of a workhorse…


I agree. You may need to upgrade your pc to get the speed you want.

Now there is a blast from the past. I used to work for the company that owned lightworks. :slight_smile: Its still used to edit quite a few feature films

That’s pretty cool.

I use Adobe Premier Pro. Unfortunately that comes at a cost as it’s a professional package prices.

Other people have suggested Premier Elements was good: Adobe Help Center

Our advice will probably be pointless, this was a very off topic thread. You can see the above varied comments, and other than that I reckon you should try to find a video focussed forum (this is nothing like that :slight_smile: )

I’ve looked at a number of products over the past couple of weeks including Premiere Elements & Sony Movie Studio. I’m still using Pinnacle and it will probably be best for your need. However, I was very impressed with Sony Movie Studio. It seems a lot faster and has some more powerful features and it’s about half the price of the Pinnacle product. Unfortunately, during my trial I had problems with it rendering black video unexpectedly and with my very tight timeframe I decided it wasn’t worth the risk to pursue at this time. I will be looking at it more closely in the future, though. Hope that helps.

Good call. AVS Video Editor is simple enough so that a beginner can do some basic things, but robust enough to where you can really cut into a lot of detail. Very good intermediate editing software in my opinion.