Video display and save

Hello, My name is Cho. I am a new to Microframework and Products of GHI electronic. Recently, I saw a video on the youtube.
URL .NET Gadgeteer Touch Screen Camera SD Card - YouTube
It is the right function that I want to develop custom design board using SOC module. Ther are several options in the SOC module products. I would like to know which one is right products for me to make the video display and save machine. And also, How to do that. If you have any idea, it would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Welcome Cho

The video in question .NET Gadgeteer Touch Screen Camera SD Card - YouTube is of Mike Dodaro’s use of the Gadgeteer devices to assemble this - from memory he used a Spider mainboard, which means any of the devices based on G120 or G400 will be sufficient for your needs.

I’d suggest you give us a little more info on how you want to use video (and probably how much you want to spend, is this a one off personal project or something you intend to produce a lot of) - as you may know, video is a memory, storage, and bandwidth challenge, so it’s non-trivial to point you to components and to assume they’ll work in the scenario you’re interested in

@ Brett -

Thank you for your reply. I am going to make some kinds of digital scope with WIFI connection in medical applications. I want to display video(320 x 240 pixel per frame) on the touch panel and save the still image of it to the SC card. And send it to the Computer by WiFi. If We succeed this prototype project, we are going to go to the mass production stage. Because of we don’t have much time. I am considering to use open source platform to reduce development time. I have studied four types of the platform which are Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone Black and GHI products. I think GHI products is lighter and easier than others to develop.

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Great to hear your plans - sounds great !

What FPS are you expecting? Are you only taking one sample from the stream (eg when the user hits the button) or do you need to save the stream and select a frame or combined frame later?

@ Brett -

My target is 30FPS. But I think that 20FPS is tolerable. Yes, I want to take one sample from the stream when the user hits the button. Thanks.

@ seogje cho - with managed code it is unlikely that you will 20fps. You should build a prototype to verify performance. A G400 device will give you maximum performance.