Video/Audio on ALFAT?


We have implemented ALFAT OEM boards into our product. It stored sensor data every second; and it works great!
Now, a key customer asked us if it’s possible to also record video/audio with this hardware. I looked into to, and it’s not clear if it can, other than our controller reading in the USB images and just storing those as files. But it would be great if the storage hardware could read in a video standard natively, without us having to process file data in the external controller.

How would it be possible to store a video/audio stream and synchronize it with data stored in separate files from sensors? I can’t see anything on ALFAT being able to recognize the UVC standard like some hosts?

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Correct, alfat doesn’t support usb cameras. However we have a lot of experience with cameras if you need us for consulting.

@ Gus - It would be nice if you had that alcam module as a regular product on the site. There is a bird’s nest that I want to monitor, with time lapse photography.

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