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I did threaten i would start creating videos… :open_mouth:

@ andre.m was one of the trend setters who made the pilgrimage to the first (and maybe only) Stevenage workshop a few months ago. As part of that day Andre built his own STM powered Smart node with BLE capabilities.

Since heading home Andre has been madly tapping away at the keyboard in between sipping latte’s and has sent me a project that he has been working on.

Andre has created both a WP8.1 app and a Win8.1 app that talks via BLE to the Smart node enabling it to both read and write to all the available ports and also send user defined text as well.

Andre has written the apps so that the BLE connection data is saved on the device and the last saved connection is automatically used to connect if no current connection exists.

I would like to publicly thank Andre for taking the time to write these excellent demo apps which i think showcase some of the new abilities that BLE opens up to NETMF very well.

The video is a bit grainy and not exactly a visual masterpiece - but hey… Peter Jackson i am not ::slight_smile:


@ Justin - Nice video @ Juston and great work @ andre.m for doing all the hard stuff :wink:

Congrats to both of you :clap: :clap:

Oh, now I see … visit Peter Jackson to boost your video skills :wink:


nice work @ Andre !

Create it in the style of “Bad Taste” next time. And you can create your own steadycam powered by NETMF.

PS… The dialog in the movie from Ozzy when the Ford Capri dies would only work for Aussie’s or Kiwi’s. “Should have bought a Holden Frank”

Only years later when I got into the Aussie V8’s did I appreciate that line. :slight_smile:

I’ve never managed to track “Bad Taste” down. Seems like I’d appreciate it more than I thought - and I did think I needed to watch it !

Good job!

@ Justin - Keep them coming and don’t forget to send GHI our board, I believe we “ordered” it last week! :wink:

@ Gary - I must have missed the memo…

@ Justin - LOL, I was throwing it against the wall to see if stuck!

@ Gary - i did assume you were trying a sneaky :clap:

@ Justin - Does that mean I should stop watching for the mail to arrive because you are a few steps ahead of me? ;D

@ Gary - will will need written permission in triplicate from the PM and a protection detail to guard me from the waiting angry MS mob if you jumped the queue…

Ball is in your court ::slight_smile:

@ Justin - MS who? lol

@ Gary…

Dear betatesters@

Gary Beaver from GHI fame has taken it upon himself to try and jump the queue for the first shipment of IoT Dx Blue samples…

Upon request i will gladly send you Gary’s contact details should you like to have a frank discussion with Gary about the ethics of queue jumping and general Beta testing etiquette.


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@ Justin - If I could +1 that a thousand more times I would, it sounds perfect to me…lol

@ Justin - So do those of us that originate from the southern hemisphere get preferential treatment?

Hey, I figured no one would blame me for trying :slight_smile:

I vouch for the southern hemisphere bit. Although I originate from the north, I am now located in the south (only just by 6 degrees) so I think this is a valid point. :whistle: