Victoria Secret getting into Gadgeteer?

Well maybe not, but a bra as a device:

Hard to imagine that ‘sexist’ wasn’t a word that came up when deciding to do this sort of research at Microsoft given the corporate aspects of Microsoft.

or another bra as a device:

How come some guys get the fun research projects, I just get espionage and military research projects.

Isn’t Justin doing some work there now ? :think:

Not that he has told his wife about :whistle:

The tweeting bra @ tweetingbra has 6808 followers thus far (bra worn by Maria Bacodimou)

My guess, they don’t want to see you demo it.



No, he just keeps saying “sorry dear, can’t tell you the secret projects I’m working on, you know they’re under a non-disclosure agreement.”

Shouldn’t that be a Non Clothes Agreement here?

@ Dave McLaughlin - :naughty:

This should stop this discussion…


Is the black material perhaps a touch sensor mesh? I can’t think of any other reason for it other then it being some kind of a sensor (maybe a light intensity profiler for measuring runway lights or something, or maybe accelerometers etc to ensure proper posture). I think the feathery wings are a clever way to conceal a RF antenna such that this is an IoT clothing example.

Duke +1
Mike -1,000,000


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