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VGAEXT on EMX, Using LCD pins for my own purpose


I have 2 questions:

  1. is it possible to use VGAEXT ( with EMX module? Could you give me piece of code haw should I set timing etc?

  2. What should I do to use I/O pins of LCD display as general I/O pins? I saw it somewhere but…

Thanks in advance,


Yes it is possible, you need to connect the VGAEXP to FEZ Cobra for example or by making your own board that wires the LCD signals to the VGAEXP board.

Note that the board is as simple as a resistor array so the colors are not going to be perfect, maybe good for 16 color applications. But you can substitute the resistor with DAC and then you will get perfect results.

There is no special code to use it, it is just like nay other display. You need to set the timing parameters correctly, which should be found in the GHI library documentation.