VERY Odd Raptor Behavior

So, my Raptor starts up in 480x272 resolution, no matter how many times I tell it to be 320x240 in FEZ Config.

I’ve erased the application, reuploaded the firmware, done everything I can think of. And it’s only getting WORSE.

I can’t deploy applications anymore. After a brief splash with the version/firmware screen goes white. The Raptor shows up on USB and I can interact with it in FEZ Config but VS won’t deploy to it (though it does see it).

Holding LDR0 LDR1 and RESET won’t even get it to come up as a serial port, just pops right back as G400.

I’m at a total loss here. Help?

Are the LDR buttons already functional on G400? I thought that is something one of the next SDK Versions will add to the G400 bootloader.

No idea. Then again I have no idea why the boot loader thinks my resolution is 480x272.

@ Skewworks - Have you reflashed the loader as well?

As of the current SDK, only LDR1 is functional and it keeps the board in loader mode in startup. To enter serial mode, you need to ground a pin on one of the sockets.

The low level loader, the regular loader, and the firmware do not set the display configuration, and even when the firmware did, it was 320x240.

@ andre.m - Opps. Clicked the wrong reply button. Thanks

Ahh, nearly the same :smiley: