Very low prices on custom jobs

We are very close from having the final prices but what we have now are very close.

You can add your own projects to see the cost and here is cerbuino as an example

$26 only if you buy 100! This is not final like I said.

I think you module makers will love this.

This includes all labor, pcb, components and even the machine setup!


And here is the discontinued cobra net

Anyone can order it with couple clicks :slight_smile:

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cool. When are you going to start offering soldermask colour options ? We all want red Cobra’s and black modules :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

We already do! Click on the price to go to the next step, which is where you select the color.

This looks very interesting and I can see a use for this in the coming months.

One issue though is that I want to use the G400S in my design and your service does not offer any slots or internal board cutouts. How do we get around this issue or is it simply that we can’t use the G400S with this service?

@ Dave McLaughlin - only the express service does not offer slots.

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This looks awesome.

This is great. Now you only need to stimulate the community buying model a’la kickstarter to assist the module maker reaching 10 units (or more)…

When I get some time I’m going to get a quote for one of my modules and see how the price works out over the DIY approach. Looks really great on the surface so far.