Very interesting


But you already have to have a computer to do anything with it?

@ Duke Nukem - Probably but sounds like it is still in a state of flux…

The point for me is they are giving to every 11yr old a microcontroller for free which will undoubtedly ignite the passion and creativity in some of these kids to strive for more in electronics.

Hugh + if you ask me…

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Why do people think giving things away for free will get people excited and embrace whatever it is you’re giving away…

I certainly never find myself getting excited about something I find lying on the ground ! unless it’s of value :D! I can’t remember the last time I found something of value!

@ Jay Jay - they are targeting 11yr olds not 16 yr olds so you are not the target market :whistle:


I think there is room for one more language in that mix.

I haven’t seen any details of the MCU to understand if it has enough RAM/FLASH for netMF

It excites me that the corporations like BBC have these initiatives. I remember in the '80 when they had the push to get computers into the schools, Acorn eventually winning out with the BBC Micro, we even had one at our school in South Africa with an acoustic modem woohoo…