VERY cheap miniature radar

There must be some cool things you guys and gals can build from these.


What can that type of radar detect, and how much power does it use?

It’s a doppler radar so will detect motion. I have a similar module that I picked up a few years ago for a project. Range wise you are looking at a few meters (I think mine was around 10 meters). They are pretty effective in that they do work through walls/glass etc.

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Yes, it only detects and measures motion up to at least 15 meters.

Uses about 40mA At 5V.

Ok, and what kind of output can you get? Object size, with distance, and coordinates?

Nothing that exotic i’m afraid. It’s normally a frequency output which ‘can’ be used to determine the closing speed of the detected object. If the object is passing parallel to the face of the detector you might not detect it.

Although this isn’t the same module that @ hagster has pointed out it will give you an idea of the capabilities. Take a look at the following link.

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