Vermont and NYC code camps Internet of Things (IoT) session

For those of you planning on going to either the NYC or Vermont code camps coming up, I will be presenting a session called “Azure, .NET and the Internet of Things”.

Here is the abstract:

The NYC code camp is on September 13, 2014. For more information >

The Vermont code camp is on September 20, 2014. For more information >

3 boards and not even a “native” NETMF one ? :open_mouth:

Yet there are some in the wild : Mountaineer, GHI, Netduino, MBN :-[ , to name a few. :think:

During the demos and the interactive audience part I will be using:

  • Netduino
  • Netduino Plus
  • Netduino Mini
  • FEZ Panda 2
  • FEZ Mini

I have a slide that mentions the other brands, but it’s hard fitting every board into a 60 minute demo :wink: Most of the talk does not involve slides, it’s going to be code, code and more code.

Hmm, does not make sense to me… Intended audience?

@ phantomtypist - I gave a NETMF talk at the NYC code camp two years ago. I think you might be ambitious in the amount of information you are planning to present.

@ njbuch - A code camp is a “mini” conference for software developers. This specific talk is an introduction to the Internet of Things for software developers.

@ Mike - I attended your talk year!

I did a dry run and I think I’ll be fine as long as the demo gods are nice those days :wink:

I believe the sessions are scheduled for 75 minutes, but I’m trying to fit the demo into 60 minutes to leave time for questions and answers.

@ phantomtypist - Don’t worry. The demo gods are always helpful. :stuck_out_tongue:

@ phantomtypist - I’m in Burlington. check your direct messages for some ideas. I’ve got a bunch of GHI hardware and may just now be motivated enough to submit a session to augment yours.

In case anybody is planning on going to the code camp and sitting in on my session… some sponsors have been very generous. There is some nice swag that will be given away :wink:

Can you believe I got “volunteered” to work that day! What The…