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Vehicle OBD with the ELM327


This is a basic in-progress driver for the ELM327 chip along with a minimalistic test UI for it. The wiki page includes the source code package, a short demonstration video against both a CAN simulator and a real vehicle, and some images of how I wired up the circuit. The project has been sort of an experiment for me to help get my feet wet in the .NETMF/embedded space.

If anyone is interested in working on this sort of thing and wants to make contributions to the code, let me know and I’ll set the project up on CodePlex or something. I have a feeling that most folks interested in getting data off the OBD port these days are going to want to skip the ELM327 and just take the direct CAN route, but the ELM still has the advantage of multi-protocol OBD support for pre-2008 vehicles.

Any feedback and/or questions are appreciated, thanks.



Good one. How much did the simulator cost ?


Why not take advantage of the color display? You could display the whole cluster on the display :smiley:

800 points for the sweet project :slight_smile:


$179 ( Way too much IMO, but this type of simulator is probably a necessity for doing real OBD development.

That’s the plan, eventually. Just haven’t gotten that far yet :slight_smile:


$179 for dimulator, I would use fez to make my own simulator and it will cost me under $50 :slight_smile:


Yep, I thought about doing that - only thing is I don’t yet know enough about CAN to create my own simulator. Maybe that would be a good logical next project to try to tackle to gain a deeper understanding of CAN. As far as hardware requirements for something like that, simply a Panda (or any FEZ device, really) + CAN transceiver would fit the bill, right?


Yes that is all you need