Vd Vbus pin

Hi community.

I am looking to use an IO pin to detect USB power, i know that the power is connected to the Pin VD_Vbus on the front of the chipworkx dev system through a 10K resistor. I know that the CWX is not 5v tollerant, and it says to use a protection resistor to connect USB power to an IO.

My question is, ,is the 10K resistor a sufficent protector resistor (shown on Schematic) and i can just jumper vbus to the neighboring IO’s or do i need to add another resistor before i connect it to an IO.

Want to make sure, so that i don’t damage my unit.


Good question. Chipworkx is not 5v tolerant. You need 2 resistor network.

are you able to give any details about values and where i would connect it to on the chipworkx developement board?

You have 5V in and you need about 3.3V out