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VBAT question


I have looked at the schematics, VBAT has a 15K resistor wired in line before the pin. I am using the ever popular 3 volt Cr 2032 for a battery. Can I simply make a holder for the battery? Or should I place a resistor of my own between the battery and the plug? I have looked at the schematics, and I have argued with my best friend. Do I need anything else? If so what?

I need this to work. A back up clock is imperative to my project. I would rather keep my money that I am going to spend in this house. But there is a clock from someone else just for this for twenty bucks.


The resistor is for protection usually and its a good practice to put it in. I would work if you dont use it but you must be care with voltage transients whe you plug or unplug the battery.