VB Templates for Gadgeteer

I ran the installer for the 4.3 templates I found at codeplex. But it didn’t add anything to the list for VB, although I can see C# templates for Mainboard, Module, etc.

Any plans to have a full set of VB templates in the future? Any reason why Module development in VB would NOT be feasible?

It seems us VB guys can’t get any respect, even though I got my start with VB ver 1.0 (not counting Dartmouth Basic on a PDP 8, or even GWBASIC on a 80286 PC). At work, they have started shifting to C# even though there is no strong technical reason to do so, since both VB and C# compile to the same CLR. The real reason: C# developers are considered “pros”, whereas us VB developers are using a “toy” compiler and are amateurs - what hogwash! The only reason to prefer C# is because you like curly brackets, semi-colons, and case-sensitivity. :wall:

As for the issue at hand, how can I do VB Module development without a Project Template? Maybe I could start with a Plain NetMF Class and add the necessary Gadgeteer references?


Vb is supported. Just follow the steps in the main gadgeteer support page. Uninstall everything else you may have installed earlier please.

I ran the installer for the 4.3 templates I found at codeplex. But it didn’t add anything to the list for VB, although I can see C# templates for Mainboard, Module, etc.[/quote]
Yes, you won’t get it.

You need to ask this question here: http://gadgeteer.codeplex.com/workitem/list/basic
I think you will not see it done any time soon.

No reason, I have converted those C# templates to VB and it was working just fine. It was not as easy as I have expected though.

I feel your pain, I really do… :cry:

Convert C# template to VB template.

@ Gus - you are wrong, he is talking about [em].NET Gadgeteer Builder Templates[/em].

I did all that, only 2 weeks ago. Has anything changed since then? And to reiterate, I am not asking about regular Gadgeteer Application development, but specifically about the Gadgeteer MODULE project type. My VB Project List definitely has just one option: .Net Gadgeteer Application, whereas C# adds Mainboard, Module, and Kit.

I am using VS2013 Community, if that makes any difference.


I see. You are crashing your own module and need top build your own driver for it. Yes only C# is officially supported for that but using vb is not impossible.

What mind of module are though creating?

Resolves to

My project is for the AD9850 DDS chip - a Frequency Generator. It would use a Y socket, and would be non-commercial for sharing among Radio Amateurs (I am K7NFL). There are lots of projects like this for Arduino, PIC, and even mbed. But nothing for NETMF as far as I know.

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@ suitable1 - I should start reading what I write before I hit submit :slight_smile:

@ dmr6124 - I have looked into this before and was very interesting. It is nothing that I have done in the past and I needed to do more reading.

For a starter, you do not need an installer for your driver. It should be easy to use vb. Start by looking at the other drivers source code.

@ Gus - another idea is to do a Gadgeteer version of LXARDOSCOPE. Not really for myself, since I already have a Saelig DSO, but simply as a challenge. If you can do it with an Arduino Uno, it should be possible with a Spider.

Another good idea but generating signals is more fun than capturing them.

How long have you been posting again, Gus? :wink: