VB and Debugging

So for years our VB chums have not been able to debug in VB without VS crashing while rolling over a class level object. This is a problem in VB 4.3, VB 4.4 and even in VB TinyCLR OS.


So a simple app like this will cause VS to explode if you roll the cursor over I

Option Explicit On
Option Strict On

Imports Microsoft.SPOT
Imports Microsoft.VisualBasic.CompilerServices

Namespace MFConsoleApplication1

    Public Module Module1
        Private I As Integer = 1

        Sub Main()

        End Sub

    End Module

End Namespace

Even thou i dont use VB i know a crazy dude in Southern California who is still in love with VB :slight_smile:

I looked over the problem, i pondered, i swore at the PC and still i couldn’t figure it out.

As luck would have it i still have @mcalsyn on 0800 HELPDESK speed dial and my caller ID isnt blocked :slight_smile: so i says to Martin…Dude…Hook me up…

A day later we now have a VSIX for VS2017 which allows full debugging in VS2017 - a huge win for the VB fanboys :joy:

So heres the evidence… CerbuinoBee running a VB app with NETMF 4.4 in VS2017 with full debugging and no explosions…


As usual, Justin gives us 27 seconds of entertainment. And it’s not even Friday.


TGIF might just be coming back :wink:

If anyone has a Cerberus laying around and wants to try NETMF 4.4 sing out…

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The fix is in the debugger type system and I’ll post a PR to github shortly (once I clean up a harmless but ugly hack I used to get a quick fix out). GHI can then apply that same fix to their host-side debugger code. The github issue thread has more details on what the root cause was.


@John_Brochue, @Gus_Issa : The pull request is here : https://github.com/NETMF/netmf-interpreter/pull/552

You can see the code changes here : https://github.com/NETMF/netmf-interpreter/pull/552/files


You deserve some margaritas :grinning:

Clearly, you know my favorite currency.

Nooooo, we want him productive not p@#$ed

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Thanks for the heads up!

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fyi - the updated extension for vs2017 is here : https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=PervasiveDigitalLLC.pdnetmf-extension

If you install this version, you will get automatic updates if I make more fixes. This tracks the latest netmf v4.4 changes as well. Note that installing this may or may not be compatible with TinyCLR installations (haven’t tested this, but I will). This package is ONLY for folks working in NETMF v4.4 code. If you are using TinyCLR, stick with the GHI extension.